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Thanks to Bea for this dangling bookmark ❤️

bangs courtesy of friends <3

My roommate and I just love Cara Delevingne so much that we have her face all over our wall 💕 @caradelevingne

Because it’s Aug 11 here in da Philippines and it’s your day, here’s a lil throwback. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PATTY!!! I miss you so much :( @patchengcheng

This pink drink is actually Guava Lemonade. 💕

Sephora magazine ads = bedroom posters #pwede 👌


wasnt able to go out today because of systemone but my brother is the best because he bought this for me!!!! ✌️


missing this day.

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"Well I could be angry but you’re not worth the fight,

And besides I’m moving on.

I counted to ten and now I’m feeling alright,

And besides I’m moving on.”

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